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It is recommended that all clients review this list of information to answer any questions and to best understand what to expect from the MTB team as well as prepare yourself accordingly for your service.


Massage Services

Our guidelines for massage treatment and information about massage you may not know.

Types of Massage Services

MTB offers a variety of massage services to fit most needs from Relaxing and spa-like to manage stress, to strictly Therapeutic for injuries and chronic pain as well as options designed for the specific needs of athletes. We also offer our services for athletic, corporate and private events.

See Services Page for full details.

Deep Tissue

You may notice that we do not offer a "Deep Tissue" Option in our Service List. There is great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding on what this term means. It is common belief that this means an intense and painful massage that is "needed" to work out chronic pain. This is simply untrue, massage can be applied to the deepest layers of muscles to a person with healthy tissue with minimal to no discomfort at all. It is also a common misconception that a client's level of pain is an indicator of the depth of the problem. Imbalances and injury to superficial muscles can cause equally intense discomfort as deeper layers. It is your therapist's job to determine the best course of action for your individual needs and work all layers of tissue as needed.

Should You Expect Any Pain 

Generally speaking, No. A person with healthy tissue (meaning no injuries or conditions causing tissue or structural damage) should only expect occasional mild to moderate discomfort during their massage. Clients with complex conditions may experience moments where the boundaries of their comfort level are tested, your therapist will do their best to prepare you and ease these intense moments. Clients are encouraged to keep an open dialogue with the therapists and should tell them if anything ever becomes too intense. 

It is common for people to feel some body aches or headaches in the following 24 hours after receiving a massage. Theses are signs of dehydration and a need to flush out lactic acids that had been building in your tissues. Clients are advised to drink plenty of water after their massage to avoid these effects.

Intensive Therapeutic bodywork can sometimes cause structural shifts. This can cause intense pain following a massage even if no pain was felt during the massage. This kind of pain is typically felt somewhere along the spine or in the hips but can be experienced at any joint. This pain can last anywhere from 48 hours to 4 weeks depending on the severity of the imbalance that was corrected. This pain will cease as soon as your muscles have adapted to their new positioning. To ease this pain clients should be icing the area for 10 minutes daily and being sure to hold their bodies in proper alignment during their daily activities.

Benefits of Frequent Massage 

Receiving massage on a regular basis can have many health benefits including but not limited to:

  • reduced stress

  • improved sleep

  • increased circulation

  • increased flexibility

  • improvement of chronic pain

  • relief from minor pain

  • decreased frequency of headaches

  • slows the progression of arthritis

  • speeds healing time of injuries

  • improves performance in physical activities        

Are You Ever Required to be Naked in Front of Your Massage Therapist

No. We take the comfort and safety of our clients just as seriously as we take our own. You will never be asked to be fully exposed in front of your therapist. After your therapist reviews your medical history with you they will excuse themselves from the room to allow you to undress "to your comfort level" and get on the massage table (a sheet and blanket will be provided for you to cover up with). "To Your Comfort Level" means exactly that. If your comfortable being naked under the sheet by all means take it all off. If you'd like to stay completely 100% dressed, that is fine as well. Leaving articles of clothing on such as pants and shirts may limit the massage therapist in the kinds of techniques they can utilize during your session but your therapist will never tell you that you HAVE to remove any article of clothing. Areas of your body such as breasts and genitalia should remain covered by the sheet or towel at all times. Your massage therapist may work on muscle attachments very close to these areas but you are encouraged to inform them if anything they do makes you uncomfortable and they will stop and explain what they are doing, if you are still uncomfortable with the work the therapist will not return to that area. 

The Difference Between Male/Female Therapists

There is no difference between male and female therapists based solely on their gender. All massage therapists and bodyworkers are unique in their own way based on the education they have received and how they choose to use the techniques that they have learned. We would like to reiterate that all MTB therapists are Licensed Professionals and their gender makes no difference in their ability to perform their job in an appropriate manner. 


Events and Chair Massage

Give your event a little something special that everyone will love.

What Kind of Events can you Hire us for?

The only limit is your imagination. Here is a list of the types of Events we have worked in the past:

  • Fairs

  • Festivals

  • Open Markets

  • Private Parties

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Family Reunions 

  • Sporting Events

  • Races

  • Tournaments

  • Employee Appreciation

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Conventions

Services Available for Events

We offer both Table and Chair Massage depending on the size and needs for your Event.

Chair Events - Guests of your event will be able to enjoy a complimentary 10 minute chair massage at their leisure. No health histories or long forms to fill out, just a quick signature for 10 minutes of bliss. This is the perfect option for large or public functions. You can book us for up to 4 chairs for 2-5 hours.

Table Events - This option is best for small private Events. Guests will be able to breathe deep and enjoy a private Relaxation massage during your Event. Individual services will last 45-50 minutes. Guests receiving massage will be required to fill out Health History forms prior to their service. You can book 1 or 2 tables. Minimum of 3 services is required to book an Event and a maximum of 10.

Mixed Events - Planning a large function with a few VIPs? This is the option for you. We will come set up 1 table for up to 5 VIPs while up to 3 chairs will serve the rest of your guests. Perfect for Wedding Parties, Graduations and Anniversaries!

Tipping Policies

Optional Tipping Policies

Open Tipping
Tip Optional
Formal Event

It is customary for massage therapists to receive gratuity for their work so MTB offers hosts several options for their own tipping policy. Tipping Policies will effect the price of your Event.

Open Tipping - Events given an Open Tipping Policy are ones in which our therapists can expect to receive gratuities directly from the guests. The therapists will be permitted to keep a gratuity box or sign of expectation in plain view along with their equipment. Hosts who give their event an Open Tipping policy receive a discount on our standard rate.

Tip Optional - Placing a Tip Optional policy on your event  prohibits therapists from displaying any expectation of gratuity. This ensures that guests will not feel pressure to tip therapists. Therapists will only accept tips when offered. Price to the host is based on our standard rate. 

Formal Event -  Therapists will match in uniform and be held to our highest standards of professionalism. Any gratuities offered by guests will be refused. Host pays 18% Gratuity charge on top of our standard rate.

Personal Training

Personal Training

As well as being a message therapist, Zack is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. He has a very limited availability for the number of personal training clients that he can accept at any given time and this service is typically offered through recommendation only. We are looking to hire more practitioners with these skills to open up more availability to this service. Clients seeking this service are still encouraged to fill out a Service Request and we will send offers for services as soon as we are able.

Check Back with This Page as We Grow and Improve

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