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MTB Policies, Protocols and Terms of Service 

All clients should read the following Policies, Protocols and Terms of Service.

Service Length

Clients should anticipate and plan for their service provider to arrive approximately 15-20 minutes prior to their appointment time; and to be leaving 10-15 minutes after their service is complete. This time is needed for the Provider to  collect payment, review medical history and setup/breakdown of their equipment.

Medical Review

All clients are required to fill out Medical History Forms prior to treatment. (Clients receiving chair massage are exempt but must sign a liability waiver) Your therapist will thoroughly review this information with you at the time of your first session.  In rare cases we may require clearance from a Doctor before performing any Massage or Personal Training. Client Medical History as well MTB Sessions are confidential and will not be disclosed to any outside party.

What to Wear

We prefer that clients wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing such as athletic wear, leggings or shorts with a t-shirt and athletic shoes for most sessions. These types of clothes allow the therapist to easily apply stretching techniques as well as analyze a clients posture. They are necessary for Personal Training and Stretching sessions. During massage sessions the client's comfort is priority. During massage clients are free to remain fully clothed or remove as much clothing as they are comfortable with. Therapists can utilize more techniques with less clothing.


All payments are due in full prior to all services.

Services outside of Fayette or Coweta County include $1.00/mile charge that goes to the Provider for Travel Expense.

$100 non-refundable deposit on Events.

Accepted payments in Cash, Check, Card.


Booking, Reminders & Questions

Meraki Total Body LLC communicates with it's clients via email and text. By providing this information through this website you are agreeing to receive emails and text messages regarding services. Client information is never shared with outside parties.

In-Person Communication

Open communication with your provider is necessary at all times. It is the clients responsibility to inform their provider of any discomfort felt before, during and after sessions. Clients must also inform their provider(s) of any health changes between services.

Cancelation, Waiting & Refund Policy


We ask that Clients give us notice by 8AM THE DAY OF SERVICE if they need to cancel. Cancelations after this time will result in the following charges:


After 8am - 2 hours before Scheduled service - 50% of cost of service.

Within 2 hours of Service - Total cost of service will be charged.


Service providers will wait until 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time for clients to show. If a client is not present by this time, the appointment will be canceled and the client will be charged for the full amount of the service.

Services will still end within the scheduled appointment time if a client is running late.

We do not offer refunds based on the clients perceived quality of service. Refunds will only be granted to clients who have prepaid for their service and have a need to cancel. Cancelation Policy remains in effect in regards to refunds.

Zero Tolerance

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding the following items. Violation of any of the policies will result in a ban from our services and potential legal action.

Refusal to Pay - Refusal to pay for services rendered or fees incurred due to the above Cancellation Policy will result in a ban of any future service.

Hostile/Threatening Language/Actions - We understand that we all have bad days and sometimes the topic of ones body can be a sensitive subject. However it is never acceptable to place your therapist in a position where they feel unsafe. Any complaints should be written and emailed to us here.

*Sexual Advances or Solicitation of Sexual Services -  All MTB contractors are Licensed Professionals and under no circumstances will we allow them to be treated as less than. To aviod being banned or possible legal action we ask that Clients refrain from any of the following:

  • asking for personal information such as phone numbers

  • asking service providers out on dates

  • touching the therapist without consent

  • jokes about the intimate nature of their work

  • requests for sexual services or offering payment for sexual services <---This is ILLEGAL

Frequent Massage & Packages

Conditions For Massage Packages:
  • Package Price Must be Paid In-Full by First Service.
  • Package Services Must All Take Place at the Same Location.
  • Services Must be Booked Within Package Timeframe 
  • Package Price Is Non-Refundable
  • Unused Services Do Not "Roll-Over" Into Additional Packages and No Refunds Will be Given for Unused Services
Cancelation Policy

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