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The Practitioners

Victoria & Zack

This duo of Therapists have almost two decades of combined experience in the massage and wellness field. They have worked closely with chiropractors and Olympic level athletes as well as years of experience in 5 star Spas. Their experience and knowledge in the many different styles, benefits, and ways to utilize bodywork give them the tools needed to make sure their clients are getting the care that is right for them.


Our Philosophy

Meraki means:
"To Perform an Action with Love and Passion"

We are a team of Professionals who love their work. We aim to educate the public on the benefits of quality Bodywork and create an outlet where Clients can connect with Professional Bodyworkers to fit their individual needs. We encourage our clients to set goals, ask questions, keep an open mind and take an active role in their wellness routine. This philosophy allows clients to experience a wide variety of techniques and styles. When a Clients needs and a Bodyworkers style match up just right is when therapeutic magic begins.

Green Mountain

The Dream

It is our goal to one day build a private Wellness retreat where our clients can become guests to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the modern world to focus on themselves, receiving the care needed to create new habits and better their lives.

Green Mountain
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